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List Compiled by Tom Mordini and others
Pictures by Dave Doty and others
Forward by Brian Pitman

(Note:  This article was released in 2001, but was updated to reflect current values in May 2005.  Over time, the list may change again, as some carnival prices go up, while others go down.)

So, what is it about the $20,000 threshold that excites many carnival glass enthusiasts?  Is it the fact that each one of these pieces equates to a nice car, or maybe a nice home?  Is it because it's a round number?  Is it because each piece represents the lifetime work of the owner, to be able to purchase such a valuable piece of magic?

I think, in a lot of ways, it's each of these things, and more.  Why did I want to put together a list of pieces known that probably have a market value of $20,000 or more?  Simple.  I wanted people to be able to see the magic, to see the excitement in carnival that isn't seen very often.  Sure, we all have pieces that are worth more than $20,000 to each of us, and those pieces are important.

However, these are the pieces that someone actually paid $20,000 or more (or close to it) to have the privilege of saying that the piece now resides with them.  Is it callous flaunting of wealth?  Hardly.  These are the pieces that so moved a person that they did whatever they could to own them, to pay the price to be able to own them.  And, in a great show of generosity, many have brought that treasure out for you to see in this collection, and what a collection of pieces this is.

Not all of these pieces are stunning.  Not all of them are super rare.  However, all of them are valuable, maybe because so many people want to own an example.  Think of this as a "Most Wanted" list of carnival glass.  They might not be your most wanted, but they are definitely the most wanted of many other people, and if you find one, they will pay the price to buy it from you.

So, use these pictures and list wisely.  If you are lucky (and a little educated), you might just find one of these pieces of magic in a shop somewhere, on a shelf down by the floor, with a $20 price tag on it...

Left: Northwood Acorn Burrs punch bowl in Aqua Opal.
Center:  Fenton Elks (Portland 1912) Bell in Blue.
Right:  Millersburg Hobstar and Feather Vase whimsey in Amethyst.
Above pictures by David Doty.

Left:  Dugan Farmyard Ruffled Bowl in Peach Opal.  Pictures by David Doty.
Center:  Millersburg Ohio Star Vase in Green Opal.  Pictures by David Doty.
Right:  Northwood Wisteria Vase Whimsey in Green.  Picture provided by David Doty.

Left:  Dugan Farmyard Plate in Purple.
Center:  Morning Glory Pitcher in Green.
Right:  U.S. Glass Frolicking Bears Pitcher in Green.
Above pictures by David Doty.

Left:  Millersburg People's Vase in Blue.
Center:  Paneled Holly Pitcher in Purple.
Right:  Millersburg People's Vase in Amethyst.
Above pictures by David Doty.

Left:  Northwood Tree Trunk Funeral Vase in Ice Blue.
Center:  Northwood Peacock at Urn Large Ice Cream in Aqua Opal.
Right:  Millersburg Rose Columns Vase in Amethyst with Experimental Painting.
Above Pictures by David Doty.

Left:  Grape & Cable Cracker Jar in Aqua Opal.  Picture by David Doty.
Right:  Northwood Poppy Show Plate in Aqua Opal. 
Picture by David Doty.

Left:  Millersburg People's Vase in Amethyst.  Picture provided by Mike Carwile.
Center:  Millersburg People's Vase in Marigold.  Picture by Dr. Jack Adams.
Right: Fenton Good Luck Plate in Ice Green.  Picture by David Doty.

Left:  Imperial Chrysanthemum Chop Plate in Emerald Green.  Picture by David Doty.
Right:  Grape and Cable Small Punch Set in Aqua Opal.  Picture by David Doty.

Left:  Fenton Holly Plate in Aqua Opal.  Picture by David Doty.
Right:  Fenton Tree Trunk Plate in Aqua Opal.  Picture by David Doty.

The List
Okay, some ground rules to remember before we begin.  This list is not a comprehensive list.  Some items may have been missed.  If you see something missing, email us here at and let us know so we can include it.  This list was comprised mainly by Tom Mordini, with the contribution of others.

Northwood (King of $20,000 Carnival)

  • AO punch bowl and base in Peacock at Fountain, small Grape and Cable and also Acorn Burrs
  • AO Wide panel epergne
  • AO Poppy Show plate (I don't think the bowl will quite make the $20K cut.)
  • AO Strawberry bowl
  • AO Rose Show plate
  • AO Peacock at Urn master IC
  • AO Grape & Cable covered cracker jar
  • AO Nippon bowl with pie crust edge
  • IG Grape & Cable Master punch bowl and base
  • IG Tree Trunk funeral vase
  • IG Good Luck plate
  • IG Peacock at Urn chop plate
  • IB Tree Trunk funeral vase
  • IB Grape & Cable master punch bowl and base
  • Vaseline Peacock at Urn master IC bowl
  • AO Perfect example of Memphis fruit bowl and base
  • Green Wisteria vase whimsey
  • Purple Panelled Holly water pitcher
  • Saphire Tornado vase


  • LGO Slag (perfect example) Ohio Star vase. This is not aqua opal as previously thought.
  • Experimental Rose Column vase in Amethyst
  • Green Pipe humidor
  • All examples of Peoples vase in all colors
  • Green and amethyst Hobstar and Feather vase whimsey from giant rosebowl
  • Green Morning Glory tankard......possibly the amethyst and marigold would hit $20K today
  • Marigold Hobstar and Feather giant rosebowl (1 known)
  • Hanging Cherries Pitcher in Blue
  • Blue Multi Fruits and Flowers punch bowl and base


  • Elks (Portland 1912) Bell in Blue
  • Peach Opal Holly 9" plate
  • Peach Opal Orange Tree 9" plate
  • Aqua Opal Orange Tree 9" plate
  • Aqua Opal Holly 9" plate


  • Peach Opal Farmyard bowl
  • Purple Farmyard plate shape

US Glass

  • Green Frolicking Bears pitcher


  • Emerald Green Chrysanthemum chop plate

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